10,000lb.(4.5t) Capacity Steel Frame Style Twin Post In Ground Swing Arm or Pad Style Lift


Product Description

  • Long Cycle Life and low maintenance - traditional heavy frame sits on concrete footing. No plastic or fibre glass cassette required . Rack and pinion mounted at floor level.
  • Compact design optimizes service bay productivity - overall width when installed is only 98” / 2489mm Environmentally safe design prevents soil contamination - high pressure cylinders are mounted inside heavy duty cylinders where any leaks are contained.
  • Optional Extended Service Lift Options - optional hot dip galvanizing of the cylinder casings, locking mechanism and cover pates.
  • Reaches most approved lifting pickup points - telescoping swing arms with adjustable contact adapters adapt to small cars and light trucks.
  • Energy efficient 2HP / 1.5kw pump and motor - wall or pedestal mounted power unit with air lock release. High lifting height of 82”/ 2083mm with adapters - improves access and productivity for taller people.
  • Heavy duty structure improves stability - stronger and more stable at all heights with very little flexing under heavy load.
  • Built for safety and ease of use - mechanical locks engage automatically at all heights. Hydraulic cylinders are protected by built in velocity fuses to prevent a catastrophic pressure failure.
Capacity10,000 lb. / 4.5T
Power supply220v 20 amp 1 ph / 2 HP / 1.5 kw
Hydraulic cylinders2 x 8-5/8” / 219mm chrome plated plunger - 70” / 1778mm stroke
Lifting time70 Seconds / 25 seconds decent
Overall width98-1/2” / 2502mm
Overall length86-1/2” / 2197mm
Drive over height4-1/2” / 114mm
Overall lifting height74” (82” With adapters) 880mm (2083mm)
# Of mechanical locksRack & pinion at floor level
Lock releaseAir cylinder lock release
ProtectionStandard “kop coat” bituminous - optional hot dip galvanizing or fiber glass
Height adaptersStacking rubber covered adapters – 1-1/2”, 3” and 6” / 36mm, 76mm, 152mm
Installation depth88-1/2” / 2248mm
In ground structural width78” / 1981mm
Arm reach28-3/4” to 41-1/2” / 730mm to 1054mm
Drive through distance78-1/2” / 1994mm
Shipping weight3,000 lb. / 1.4T
Country of manufactureCanada
Operating Pressure1,800 Psi / 124 bar
Swing Arm Rubber Pad – Adjustable swing arms with stacking style rubber contact pads. Swing Arm Steel Flip Up – Adjustable swing arms with flip up multi height steel adapters. Pad Style – Rubber coated lifting pads ideal for smaller cars 4TPIG210PSK1 / 4TPIG212PSK1

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