12" Plunger 72,000.(32.7t) to 108,000lb. (58.2t) Capacity Two or Three Post Low Pressure Heavy Duty with Fixed & Moveable Cylinders


Product Description

  • Long Cycle Life and low maintenance - HD cylinder and bearing design provides longer life and lower maintenance. Recessed Frame design optimizes service bay productivity - optional recessd frame eliminates any surface components when lft is lowered.
  • Environmentally safe design prevents soil contamination - machined and polished plungers provide long seal life and reduce leaking. Lift will operate using synthetic hydraulic oil.
  • Optional Extended Service Lift Options - optional hot dip galvanizing of the cylinder casings, locking mechanism and cover pates.
  • Reaches most approved lifting pickup points - Adjustable bolster with specialty sliding adpaters. In floor frame available from 120” to 240” (3M to 6M).
  • Energy efficient 15HP to 20HP / 11 to 15 kw pump and motor - wall or pedestal mounted power unit with air lock release. High lifting height of 72”/ 1829mm and higher when used with specialty adapters - improves access and productivity for taller people.
  • Heavy duty structure improves stability - stronger and more stable at all heights with very little flexing under heavy load. Built for safety and ease of use - mechanical locks engage automatically at all heights. Stainless steel air release cylinders.
Capacity 50,000 lb.,75,000 lb.,61,000 lb.72,000 lb., 108,000 lb. / 22.7T, 34.1T, 27.7T, 32.7T & 49.1T CAPACITIES
Power supply 208/440 volt 3 phase or optional 600v
Hydraulic cylinders 10-5/8” or 12 5/8” / 270mm or 321mm Chrome Plated Plungers - 70” / 1778mm stroke
Lifting time 70 Seconds / 25 seconds decent
Overall width 40” (1-16mm) Bolster with 109” (2769mm) wide rear pit box
Overall Track Length 120” to 240”/ 3M to 6M)
Movable Cylinder Drive Hydraulic Powered Chain “Z” Drive
Overall lifting height 72” (1829mm)
# Of mechanical locks 19 mechanical locks
Lock release Air cylinder lock release
Protection Standard “kop coat” bituminous - optional hot dip galvanizing or fiber glass
Height adapters Flip up adapters or fixed position specialty adapters for trucks and buses
Pit depth Front and Rear 96” front (2438mm) and 119” rear (3023mm)
In ground Track Width 17 5/8” (448mm)
Operating Pressure 275 to 350 psi / 1890 to 2414 kPa
Cylinder Equalization Twin 20 or 30 gpm (76 or 113 liters/minute pumps controlled by a PLC operating electric solenoid controls
Hot Dipped Galvanized Cover Plates Cylinder Casings And Track Chrome Plungers
Free Standing Consol Specialty Frame Adapters Specialty Frame Adapters
Remote Pendant Control

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